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Friday, September 01, 2006

Why Not ?

A few weeks ago, my son (Wondyboy) and I were cuddling after our breakfast when he asked me something amazing:
"When another baby in the tummy house ?"
I was so surprised a two-year-old boy could ask such a thing that I stopped and looked at his eyes to make sure he knew what he was talking about. He had a little spark in his eyes, this kind of sparks that makes him look too tricky for his age.
"You really want another baby at home ?"
"Yes !!!"
"You want mum and dad to have another baby, you sure ?"
"Yes ! another baby home and feed him milk from breast."
He looked so delighted that I called his dad and told him. When my husband got home we had a long talk with Wondy about brothers, sisters, other babies. We tried to explain to him a lot of things and even told him that I would be exhausted and have less time for him, that the baby would sleep with mum and dad for a while...
"You won't mind ? I asked
"No, another baby", he repeated.

So guess what ? Now we are trying for a second child. :-)
Cross your fingers...


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