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Saturday, September 02, 2006

The perfect match

I don't know if the show is still on in other countries but here, in France, Sex and the City is such a success you can watch all 6 seasons every year.
Last night, I watched again 2 episodes of season 2. It was a pure delight as usual, my girly TV session of the week. I tried to get my hubby joining me on the couch but he really dislikes this kind of show so I watched it on my own with a huge chocolate fudge ice cream.
I had my lot of fun with the girls but I could not help thinking "Why on earth can't they pick the right guys ?" " Are they stupid ? Immature ? Blind ?"
I guess that is a typical married-woman question. It seems we keep forgetting we had our share of trouble before meeting HIM. Why ? Is there any magic filter that erases our memories as soon as we put the ring on ? Is this why we lose all compassion for those who have not fulfilled their quest of the perfect match ? I wonder...
When I was a teenager, my parents thought I had too many boyfriends. They were really worried about me and asked me thousand times why I was dating so many guys. The answer was I wanted to meet THE charming prince, the guy who will love as much as my dad loved my mum, writing her poems, telling the lady that he wanted her to be part of every adventure of his life... I wanted to meet THAT guy. But I did not tell them, I did not even tell my friends. They would have laughed at me and my parents would have never understood it could be a challenge for some people in this world to meet the perfect match. How could they have anyway ?
My dad was my mum's first lover. They got married to each other 5 months after they made acquaintance in a night-club.
This only happens to a few. Most of my friends today are still single and looking for the one who will share their life... So next time I will remember to be more indulgent with Carrie and her friends !;-)


Blogger wanderglow said...

I have a lot of single friends too, and I had forgotten my own troubles when I too was single. What a mess I was! Nice post.

7:39 AM  

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