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Saturday, September 02, 2006

Mother language

I forgot to tell you why a French woman would start a new blog in English.

The answer is quite simple but I feel I have to explain it. I like my French blog and my French friends online but I cannot find many parenting blogs I like in my own language. This is a shame for me because I love being a mum, a stay-at-home mum with all the ups and downs and I like to share my thoughts, feelings and experience with others about it.
Even at the end of the worst days, I know I was made to be a mum as if I have never completely been myself before giving birth. I do not know if it is totally true. However, what I am sure of is that the woman I am know is 100% connected with the child I was. I have the same values now than 30 years ago (let's say 25 because I cannot remember what kind of values I had as a red-bum baby).
Since I gave birth, I breathe the air the same way I used to when I was a kid, the trees look as great and friendly as those I used to speek to when I was little, food is fun and colourful, snails do race again and ladybugs are more beautiful than ever, my perfect man today is the best friend I dreamt of when I was 6 or 7, my ideals are as simple as they used to be at that time and felicity is a quotidian ingredient of my new life.
Of course, a mum's life is not always bright and lovely. I do not pretend I live under a rainbow every day but what I mean is that I feel my son is the one who gave birth to me again.
Do you ever feel the same ?

Sometimes I wonder how I managed to lose my identity between childhood and motherhood...


Blogger Larissa said...

I look forward to the day I will be a mum too. I love the way you describe it.

6:52 AM  

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